Schedule and Rates

New Clients

Discount: All new clients receive an additional 10% off on their first package of 4 sessions.

To start restoring balance with energetic medicine, we recommend the 4 session package.  This allows you to fully experience how Medical Qigong Therapy can help you heal. Most people when trying therapy for the first time are so caught up in learning more about it than focusing on themselves and the healing process, that it is important to allow yourself that time to focus on your experience and what you can do to improve your body’s health as we assist you in that process.

How to Prepare

Medical Qigong Remote Sessions: find a quiet, clean area, anything on your mind, discuss with your practitioner or write down on paper; leave everything extra behind. This time is for your healing. The more you focus on that, the greater we’ll be able to help. Please read more about distance/remote sessions here.

Medical Qigong in-Person Sessions: Wear comfortable clothing, do not brush your tongue the morning before the session so we can evaluate it properly. Avoiding smoking and alcohol the day of the session. Make sure you’ve had enough water beforehand. Cupping or moxa on the back will require removal of clothing on the back, otherwise, you will normally not need to remove any clothing for a Medical Qigong session. Click here for more information on Medical Qigong.


Military, EMTs, Firefighters, Nurses, Police, Search & Rescue, Seniors, and Low-Income Families — 15% discount on all services.


Sessions are by appointment only, please contact us.

Regular Rates

    • Single Session — $85 / Session ($88 if paying by credit card)
    • 4-Session Package — $320 ($20 discount)
    • 8-Session Package — $620 ($60 discount)
    • Note: $3 will be added to the hourly rate for any credit card transactions

***Note: For moderate to severe health conditions, please see the recommended energetic healing plan.

We offer subscriptions, some discounted rates, along with our monthly newsletter here.

Accepted Payment Methods

Credit card, Paypal, Cash, Checks



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