Our December Newsletter Preview

Passion and fulfillment are all too often overshadowed by stress. This can be even more so during the holiday season and some end up dreading the rut holidays have become, making them feel more drawn down than reinvigorated.

Learning to restore balance to your health is rooted in first learning that each moment in your life, and what you choose to do with it, is significant. Each moment is either compounding your stress levels and therefore health imbalances, or it is an opportunity for allowing your body to heal. What decides this is more your choice than you may realize and this article is all about regaining a perspective that empowers you to heal.

For nearly all of our clients and students over the years, there are two primary reasons for holiday stress: uncomfortable family circumstances and the sense of too little time for all of the additional demands. This month we will bring to light several family dynamics and their impact on us, discussing important healing methods for regaining True Control and liberation from the perception of the “rut” and establishing vital perceptions necessary for whole body health.

***December’s Newsletter will also include additional methods of whole body healing in daily moments with simple to learn yet highly effective tools provided by Medical Qigong, suggested reading, and more.***


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