“New Insights Into How the Mind Influences the Body”

Thousands of Years of Theory…

Medical Qigong, the mother of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and all its branches, deeply understands the effects of stress on the body. For over 5000 years it has developed and refined methods of not only combating the physical manifestations of stress but also preventing the negative effects of common self-inflicted mental stress. Medical Qigong teaches dynamic movements and meditations that integrate posture, breath, and mental focus. These mind-body practices provide one with the essential awareness and tools for enhancing their ability to heal themselves and prevent illness.

The “fight or flight” response is often thought of as an involuntary response to our external environment, sending us into an action for the purposes of self-preservation. However, TCM understands that this response, when left in an unconscious state, can become a habitually chronic behavior that has a very real and tremendously detrimental effect on our health. This chronic state extends from the event itself and into our mental state afterward. Following a stressful event, one will often mentally recreate the moment innumerable times, causing far greater levels of emotional and physical stress than even the original event itself did.

…Confirmed by Modern Western Science

A study conducted in 2016 by the University of Pittsburgh identified significant neural connections between the cerebral cortex and the adrenal medulla. Its findings provided more scientific evidence of “…how stress, depression and other mental states can alter organ function, and show that there is a real anatomical basis for psychosomatic illness.”

This study also proved that people have physical level responses from simply thinking about a stressful event. Therefore, even in the absence of an immediate external environmental event, through mental activity alone one can trigger their body into a “fight or flight” response. It is shown in these findings that in an unconscious and undisciplined state, the mind has the ability to create high levels of day to day stress.

Qigong provides people with methods of shifting their responses to the conscious level, mitigating the effects of unavoidable stress, and taking control of daily mental habits that impact health.

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