The Secret to Transformation

There is a secret, that is not really a secret at all:
There is nothing that you can do to be closer to God / Divine Consciousness.
It is living within you,
and Its power of transformation
is limitless…

…The simplicity of this is shrouded by our mind that tells us all things worth doing are hard to achieve. In realty, it is only this kind of thinking that keeps us from living fully connected to what is already there. Wake to this Presence and come to realize it has always been there; it is us who has kept It at arm’s distance. Then resist regret and instead fall instantly into Love.  To live in this Presence, fully allowing it to embrace us
and flow through us, is to live in a Love that then begins to change us in every way possible. This state of receiving and bathing daily, moment to moment, in
God’s/Divine Love is the key to our health and all forms of prosperity. Just as with Divine Love, health and prosperity are also already there, waiting for us to receive
them…let the transformation begin and continue to manifest in you and in your life in every way.

How do you know that you are truly receiving the power and presence of the life giving and transformative Love within you?

When it spills over from within you to all around you, without differentiation of where or whom it goes to, and suddenly forgiveness and love are given easily to those people and events your mind tried to tell you were too hard to forgive and love before. Be free of holding on to hurt, and know without any doubt that you are loved; once you have felt it you will choose to return there every moment that you begin to forget. Once you receive Love and forgiveness, then you are able to give it freely, and the secret is not a secret any longer, it is a way of life.

Why Do Qigong?

Qigong is a method. When we do Qigong or meditate, our aim is to clear the clutter. To clear anything that shrouds our ability to see clearly; anything that reinforces the
false perception of separation from Divinity and the belief that all we own is our past hurt. As these thoughts and internally held misconceptions are cleared in a space of
stillness that Qigong provides, where there is no barrier to seeing this Love. Then we can move beyond the state of trying to achieve something. “Trying” means you are not. Stop trying, and Be. You are Love, you are Health, you are prosperity.
When you do Qigong, you aim with your intention to reach a place of receiving that which is already there, and in the flow of movement and breath, you clear the emotions and thoughts that arise and must be processed and released as part of your healing. By unshrouding Divine Love and setting your intention to opening to it, you allow it to permeate every part of you, achieving a state of true acceptance, relaxation, and transformation, and…

You begin to change, for you are allowing the physical and emotional parts of you to merge fully with the Spiritual part that is you and is already all of these things
(Love, Health) by It’s very nature.


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