Group Classes:

DC Metro Qigong is currently NOT holding group classes. Please contact us about private classes and/or private healing sessions.

Below are class templates. If you have 4 or more people who wish to attend a group class, you can contact us about setting up a time and having your group come in for whichever of the following classes you wish to learn. We will set up the content (instruction) and frequency of those classes based on your schedule and healing goals.

Group Healing and Energy Sensing Classes

  • Learn Self-healing Qigong movements/meditations for the Seasons
  • Receive a group external Qi healing
  • Discover methods of enhancing Qi sensation and control
  • Participate in/observe individual External Qi healing demonstrations
  • Palpate Qi and develop internal and external Qi skillsStudents will receive a group Energetic (External Qi Emission) Healing Session and group guided meditations oriented to the seasons and overall health. Qigong forms and internal cultivation practices will be taught to enhance energetic awareness and regulation. Additionally, classes offer table time where 1-2 attending students per class can volunteer for treatment and Jordan will teach students how to hold the “healing space,” she will demonstrate healing techniques, allow the class to palpate and sense energy and practice methods of enhancing energetic awareness/detection.
    Special Rate
    Fee: $38 (cash) $40 (credit card) / 1.25 – 1.5 hour class
    Location: Germantown, MD
    Address:  13097 Wisteria Drive, B-1 (Lower Level), Germantown, MD 20874
    Registration Required, please contact DC Metro Qigong

5 Dragon Qigong

Give your body exercise that’s rejuvenating. All the benefits of a workout without the overexertion.

Location: 13097 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD 20874
Cost: $20 (cash) $22 (credit card) /class

Discover this dynamic energetic form offering numerous benefits:

    • increases circulation
    • improves balance
    • strengthens joints
    • targets muscle toning
    • and a gentle heart rate increase through a balanced mix of smooth, slow movements, holding posture, and faster-paced movement.

Internal organ and meridian system energies are stimulated and tonified throughout and with the use of proper posture and breathing techniques, this is a whole body healing experience; a workout and a self-healing technique for overall health improvement and stress relief.

Shaking and Golden Ball Class

Clear, Center, and Embody the 8 actions of Qi.

Shake it up: Discover the form of Qigong that has often been likened to freestyle dance: Shaking. Using physical shaking, gentle sounds and targeted movements to release stagnation and enhance circulation throughout the entire body.

Golden Ball: Learn the 8 actions of Qi, embodying the opposite yet complementary characteristics of Yin and Yang, and integrating internal and external energy flow through the 8 gentle, dynamic movements of this Medical Qigong form

Location: 13097 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD 20874
Cost: $20 (cash) $22 (credit card) /class

Custom Classes

Have a certain goal in mind? Let us know and a class can be created for your group’s learning and healing goals.

For additional information on classes, healing energetic sessions, or private instruction please contact Jordan at:

Private Training for Individuals

For students wanting to learn more in-depth, new, or customized methods of Chinese Energetic Medicine and exercises.

Additional areas of focus:

    • specific self-healing exercises
    • internal cultivation techniques
    • energetic protection
    • increasing energetic sensation
    • controlling energetic movement

*$85/hour Private Instruction Classes

*Discounts/special rates also available: get more information here.

Spring Forest Qigong (not currently held)

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four