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Individual Benefits of Spring Forest Qigong Practice

Help Keep Your Commitment to Stay Healthy

  • Keep your self on track by setting up a weekly schedule to practice the Spring Forest Qigong exercies that are vital to keeping and maintaining a health you.

Benefit From Group Energy

  • Welcome to an environment full of people who know that you can heal yourself.  We’re one of the most supportive communities in helping you get back to your balanced and healthy state of being.  Participating in with a group of like-minded people will help you balance your energy faster than practicing on your own.

Benefit From a Balanced Practice Location

  • As we continue balancing the energy in our own bodies, the location we practice in also gets balanced and becomes a very good place to restore the natural energy flow in your body.  Receive immediate benefit by just being in our practice group location.

Share Your Experiences & Grow

  • Talk with others and grow together in opening your heart and understanding of what you can do to heal yourself.  Be a supporter of others in their healing journey and be supported by those who have gone through similar experiences.

Sponsor a Practice Group

Practice Group Location Benefits:

Businesses, schools and organizations thinking about hosting practice groups, classes, or events will always reap the healing energy and balance that Spring Forest Qigong practitioners bring with them.  As we continue to practice at a specific location, the energy becomes balanced there as well which opens the possiblities of great things happening.

Contact us if you’d like to suggest or sponsor a possible practice group location in the DC Metro area.  All sponsoring members (e.g. condominium/apartment residents) automatically receive the best discount on classes only $10/class or $100/month for unlimited classes!

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Summary: Be Apart of A Healing Community

Become a member of our healing community so that you, your friends and family can not just heal themselves but continue to stay healthy.  It’s an ongoing process, but it is a lot of fun, especially when you come together and experience it together.