Spring Forest Qigong Level Two

Class Description

Learn to increase your own internal energy and to learn how to detect energy blockages within yourself and others, which are the root of sickness and disease in the body.  You’ll develop your sword fingers technique even more while learning another technique called “thunder palms,” which will help you treat pain, heal colds, improve blood pressure, and more.  You’ll learn to develop psychic energy and defend against negative energy as well, so that you can protect your energy from being drained or taken at any time.

Healing Techniques

  • Develop psychic energy and defend against negative energy
  • Use the body as a virtual compass to help you in meditation
  • Open the Small Universe for others
  • Gain advanced skills for collecting Universal Energy
  • Protect one’s energy from being drained or taken
  • Send out energy to clear the blockages and heal others who are sick
  • Use sword fingers and thunder palm techniques to help others heal
  • Call upon the master’s/universal energy/God’s / higher power’s love to strengthen your healing power
  • Use one’s hands to detect energy blockages
  • Discover how helping others can help you in your life journey

Requirements: Completion of Spring Forest Qigong Level One