Distance/Remote Healing


From a place of connection and focused intention, healing is transmitted across any distance

Medical Qigong Energetic treatment can be given to a client regardless of their physical location relative to the Medical Qigong Practitioner.

This form of healing is used by individuals unable to be in the same location as the Medical Qigong Practitioner and by students of internal and/or external energetic and spiritual practices, wanting a treatment to re-balance and receive guidance in their personal practice.

Where To Get Distance Treatments

The innate ability to perform distance treatments, along with proper, comprehensive training for this kind of advanced healing does exist, yet is rare. Our doctor’s of Medical Qigong possess both and have provided distance treatments to many clients in many parts of the country.

A Doctor of Medical Qigong works beyond the perceived limitations of time and space, utilizing intention along with energetic and spiritual connection to create physical level manifestation for their patients and students. The Doctor will also encourage and offer guidance to their patients to, over time, hold this space for themselves as a method of self-healing.

Science understands that time and space are limiting factors for our physical bodies. Chinese Energetic Medicine understands there is more to our body than just the physical…and that the physical is affected by changes to the other levels.
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What to Expect

The most successful distance session will happen when both the practitioner and the client are focused on the healing process. Therefore an appointment will be scheduled and begin with a phone interview/evaluation prior to treatment. The client will be in a quiet location where they can lie down comfortably during the treatment. They will focus only on breathing, or anything particular that the practitioner instructs them to focus on for the purposes of the treatment, such as a particular organ or color. Otherwise, quieting the mind, observing internally and simply being open to receiving treatment is ideal.

After the treatment is over, there will be a follow-up email or phone call. This will be determined during the initial evaluation/phone interview.

Please note: prior to receiving a remote Qigong Healing Session, we highly suggest you take a few minutes to look at this study conducted on energetic medicine and its profound effects on healing.

Additional Info

Below are three short videos overviewing a series of studies conducted by Professor Jones of radiological sciences at the University of California Irvine.

In these studies, pranic healing was given to cells in culture which were also subjected to gamma radiation. The study sought to discover if this form of energetic healing (which uses visualized colors to adjust/balance the auric field of the intended subject) could increase the survival rate of the radiated cells in vitro.

In the process, however, these experiments went beyond the intended goal of studying cell survival rate. Instead, it also proved the efficacy of several other energetic healing principles including the importance of the “healing space” and the physical distance of the healer from the subject not being a determining factor of success:

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