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Monthly* Newsletter and Energetic Therapy Session Subscriptions:

This subscription is not currently available.
There are package discounts for the purchase of private classes and/or healing sessions. Please get more information here.

Level 1 Subscription: $8/Month (minimum 4-month subscription for this level)

*Non-subscription Newsletters are issued quarterly for individual purchase ($10/ea. See a list of available Quarterly Newsletters HERE). With the purchase of a Newsletter subscription, the purchaser will receive Newsletters monthly and the Quarterly Newsletter at a discounted rate.

    • Monthly Newsletter Topics include:
      • In-depth monthly insights on how to improve your health
      • Suggestions on how to maintain and restore balance
      • One or more extensive topic articles
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      • Suggested reading
      • Internal cultivation and meditation tips
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Level 2 Subscription: $55/month

    • Level 1+
    • Discounted access to past Newsletter issues ($10 $8 each).
    • Bimonthly Group Guided Healing Meditations, live conference calls (voluntary participation, 1 weekday evening/month and 1 weekend evening/month, 45min-1 hour each)
    • Access to Doctors via Personalized E-mail Consultation (1 per month)
    • Subscription Benefit = $39.50+ Savings

Level 3 Subscription: $130/month

    • Level 1 and 2+
    • One remote energetic therapy session (monthly – By Appointment Only)
    • Subscription Benefit = $49.50 Savings

Level 4 Subscription: $370/month

    • Level 1, 2, and 3+
    • Three additional remote energetic therapy sessions per month (4-total, By Appointment Only)
    • Subscription Benefit = $64.50 Savings

***Note: For moderate to severe health conditions, please see the recommended energetic healing plan.


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