Qigong Therapy

No matter what symptom, illness or pain you have, know that we’re here to help you restore balance.

Helping You Relieve Basic and Complex Health Issues:

lotus“In China, and more recently in the United States, doctors have applied Qigong in hospitals and clinics to treat individuals suffering from a variety of ailments. The Medical Qigong practitioner, uses Qi emission and/or teaches Medical Qigong (Self-Healing) exercises and meditations based on principles rooted in Traditional Chinese medical theory.”  Dr. Bernard Shannon, DTCM, DMQ.

The best way you can help prevent and rid your body of energetic imbalances is to heal them through dedicated practice.  You can join in with one of our classes at any time. You can also receive treatment from a practitioner who will comprehensively assist you in balancing your energy, regulate internal organ function and provide you with the tools and knowledge to empower you in the ability to self-heal.

Office Sessions and Distance/Remote Sessions available by appointment.

Click here to read more: What is Medical Qigong?


***We always recommend that if you have any issue with your health you do see a board certified M.D. (medical doctor) first.  Always in a medical emergency call 911 and try to get to the nearest hospital as soon as possible, while being safe.***