Moxa Therapy

How can Moxibustion Help? From Our Friends at Expert Village

Moxa or Moxibustion therapy uses “moxa-herb,” or artemisia vulgaris plant, dried and ground up for clinical use.  In the clinic, it is shaped and put on the skin or above it, ignited and then used to help clear or warm areas of the skin.

Normal moxa produces a smoke that also helps benefit the mind, eyes, and other areas of the body, assisting with relaxation and releasing of deep emotions.  For people who are very sensitive to smoke, we also use a smokeless moxa which produces very little smoke, but still allows the great benefits of the therapy.

NOTE – DC Metro Qigong only practices the non-scarring moxibustion methods.  Even with this more common practice and although a practitioner will be in the room with you at all times, we must warn you that scarring or burning is very possible with this procedure even though it is not our goal.

Moxa is placed onto the skin or above it and ignited at the top and allowed to heat up and stimulate the patient’s body, focusing on the channels or meridians needed. The moxa is removed at the patient’s request usually when the patient feels the heat all the way up to very hot with a little pain sensation.

Feeling great again is possible, and we’ll help you get there.

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