DC Metro Qigong Testimonials

For Jordan Keely:


“I highly recommend her. Jordan creates a welcoming and relaxed setting and provides clear instructions on the form, and the inner work of developing awareness of Qi. “

“She answers student questions and moves through the room [during group classes] checking each person’s progress in learning the day’s lesson. Her focus on breathing, posture, visualizing Qi and attitude has been very helpful to me. I have [also] taken several private Qigong lessons from Jordan.  I have especially appreciated our conversations about traditional Chinese philosophy and how it is expressed through Qigong.”

-Scott B.,  Associate Vice Chancellor for a University’s Faculty Services



“My experiences with Jordan and Qigong have enabled me to understand more about my body’s energy and how to help heal myself and remain healthy.”

“Jordan taught me several movements and meditations which I continue to practice today; the most memorable being the Golden Ball, which Jordan encouraged me to stick with. I took her advice, and this particular movement has become very personal and fulfilling in a spiritual way.

During several private sessions, my needs and questions were always addressed, and Jordan always gave me something of value (regarding my needs) to take with me to help in my personal growth.

I also attended several of Jordan’s group Qigong classes. Even though I am not fond of group classes, I would have to say that I was comfortable and felt that classes were very attentive to each participant. Jordan is thorough with demonstration, explanations, discussions, and follow-up. With such grace, she flows with personable and professional qualities.”

-Nancy. – Grandmother, Native Village Caretaker & former Special Ed. teacher


” I would recommend it without reservation…”

“I started taking Jordan’s ‘Shaking and Golden Ball’ class and immediately felt relaxed and less stressed.  It wasn’t long before I realized how much better I was sleeping and how much energy I had during the day.  Jordan’s class is warm and welcoming and a wonderful way to start the day!”

Mary A., Tax Attorney

For Alexander Keely:

“I highly recommend Alexander as one of metro DC’s most accomplished, personal and highly skilled Chinese medicine practitioners.”

“You know immediately when you meet Alexander that he is a people person. He is very engaging, warm, and genuinely a caring person. Alexander’s vocation into traditional Chinese medicine is part of his yearning to help people not only live healthy life styles, but to utilize his knowledge in non-invasive therapy techniques and his sense that truly good health looks at the whole person and not just a symptom.

Alexander’s approach to his traditional Chinese medicine practice is specialized and focused on the individual, not a “cookie cutter” approach. I highly recommend Alexander as one of metro DC’s most accomplished, personal and highly skilled Chinese medicine practitioners.” 

-John Miyahara, US Navy Command Chaplain

“After just one session I was completely relaxed in the cupped areas.”

“I’m Vietnamese and throughout my life my family has been cupping each other when we were sick.  My untrained family would just have me lay down and the cups would be heated and placed haphazardly along the meridians. When Alexander used cupping therapy on me the experience was significantly different. We had a complete screening of my needs and symptoms I’d been experiencing and feeling. He was able to tell that I recently was experiencing a lot of stress and worry simply by looking at by tongue. When he cupped me he concentrated on the exact place where I was feeling pain and adjusted the pressure appropriately. He also used moving cupping on my back, an experience that was new. After just one session on the next day I was completely relaxed in the cupped areas. I’ll definitely return to Alexander when I visit the DC area for treatment!”

-Tan Huynh, Teacher

“I felt extremely peaceful and my lower back stiff/slight pain was completely gone.”

“I felt extremely peaceful and my lower back stiff/slight pain was completely gone. After I left I had a demanding audition for the Storytelling Association, and it went so smooth and was relaxed as possible. When I got home I could still visualize and experience the golden healing light still penetrating and doing more clearing. I slept very well also, with plenty of colorful positive enlivening dreams.”

-Theresa, Small Business Owner

“I always feel a sense of ease because I can rely on Alexander’s ability to lift my spirits.”

“Alexander has the humility of not only providing guidance but wisdom and compassion as well. In his practice of Spring Forest Qigong he has become a source of strength for those around him. I trust his recommendations to help me as they are always calm and collected yet realistic and flexible. When he worked with me, he was not opposed to trying different approaches in order to achieve the best result that left me in a much better state of mind, body, and soul at the end of our sessions together. I always feel a sense of ease because I can rely on Alexander’s ability to lift my spirits. His positive energy can be felt whether you are face to face or on the phone thousands of miles away.”

-Jayna A., Director of External Relations, Public Law and Policy Firm

“…all of the sudden I experienced great joy and my mind quieted, my jaw released…”

“My mind was very active and my chest was contracted like I was unable to take a full breath. During the session I all of a sudden experienced great joy and my mind quieted, my jaw released, and I fell into a deep meditation. After the session, I was much more relaxed and able to take fuller breaths and my mind was restful. Thank you Alexander!”

-Beth K., Venture Capital Executive


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