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Quarterly Newsletters

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  1. Qigong Is: December 2017 Issue

Opening Comments and Main Article:

Opening Comments follow into an In-depth article by Dr. Keely entitled: “True Control.” In this article, the dynamics of stress in family during the holiday season opens the door to a conversation about guidance on thriving in normally uncomfortable circumstances. This article shows you how to go beyond your past perspectives, that create self-induced stress, to regain health and longevity. Understanding how detrimental stress is to overall health, and how stressful the end of the year is by its typically demanding nature, this article shines light on the small ways you can reduce emotional tension and be free of past mental “ruts.” Reconnect and renounce a self-limiting level of “control” to realize your potential and regain a True level of Control.

Monthly Picks:

Reading suggestions to highlight the principle of creating real change in your environment (with relationships) due to the power of your presence and perspective in that moment.

At a Glance, Secondary Article:

Few people realize, there is not just one kind of sickness called a “cold”…there are many. This brief article covers colds from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. What you can do to help prevent them and WHY do we become so susceptible to the external cold conditions especially in the winter time?

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